How to Join

There are a few ways you can join our League

  • You can turn up and introduce yourself at one of Trowbridge Basketball club sessions.
  • Join our Group on Facebook and make yourself recognized below:

Alternatively Email us at and one of our team will be in touch.

Our Team Representatives

Each TBL team has a designated person/Team representative who is responsible for managing their team this including recruitment.

They are ultimately responsible for ensuring they have a full roster. This year each team has a minimum of 8 registered players however teams always recruit due to player injuries and other changes in circumstance.

Meet our current teams for 2020!


We allow all teams to recruit throughout the regular season thus allowing new players the opportunity to play.

Find out more about our league below


We are proud of our Senior members, you are a testament to the success of our club.

Not Registered yet?


Are you new to the area or want to return to the sport? Our Central Venue League is ideal for you. why? Because there is no pressure to Join a team and you can get into it at your own pace!

Our Sunday scrimmages are great place to start!

Join us on Facebook

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